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Are you tired of the headache of fundraising?  Tired of trying to organize and motivate people to help out?  Tired of trying to come up with new and creative ways to raise cash for much needed goods, services, and/or outings?  Please allow Phones4Funds.org to remove the hassle and headache of fundraising with our easy, quick, unique, and most importantly, pain free solution.

By following our quick easy steps we can provide you with all the tools you need to have an effective fund drive with no muss or fuss.

The environmental research group INFORM reports that 100 Million cell phones were retired last year and that leading cell phone collection programs have recovered fewer than 1% of phones retired and discarded since 1999. – Fort Worth Star-Telegram Jan. 16, 2004.

Everyone has one or two cell phones sitting around in a drawer at home.  Turn these discarded phones into cash!  Ask your friends and co-workers to donate.  Businesses are usually very receptive to helping out a good cause, especially one with local ties. (If you need extra collection boxes for businesses, please let us know).

Okay, let the fundraising begin:



Please ask your representative about information on out-of-warranty cellular and pager repair. 


Using Giving Assistant you can donate 3-30% of every online purchase to non-profits while you shop online with Abebooks coupon codes, Best Buy coupons, or a Home Depot coupon.


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Please ask your representative about information on out of warranty cellular and pager repair.

Used cell phones as a fundraiser!

If you have a used cell phone lying around you can turn it into instant cash for your organization.

Phones4Funds.org is dedicated to help your school, faith based organization, or charity by recycling old cell phones in exchange for funds. Using  5 easy steps you can be on your way to helping the environment  and your organization. 

Jan, 2005 - USAToday
“There is a growing awareness of the magnitude of the problem, and we’d rather have an industry-driven solution than a government one,” Intel CEO Craig Barrett says.  The No.1 chipmaker will help create advertising campaigns promoting reuse and recycling…. – USA Today January 7, 2005


With so many new styles and wireless plans many cell phones are being retired and discarded, which can pose a threat to the environment.  According to INFORM, Inc., by 2005 130 million cell phones will no longer be used!

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