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How to Use Phones4Funds.org:

Now that you've decided you would like to do a Cell Phone Fundraiser the rest is very simple.  Just follow the steps below, and let Phones4Funds.org guide you through an easy and profitable fundraiser. 


1.    The first thing you need to do is figure out if you want your own collection boxes or if you would like Phones4Funds.org to provide you with boxes.  

If you would like Phones4Funds to provide you with a collection box, click here.  


2.    After you have determined what collection box you will use the second thing you need to think of is fliers.  At Phones4Funds we have provided you with a flyer that you can customize for your fundraiser!

If you would like to use Phones4Funds fliers click here.

Now you can run your fundraiser!


3.    Once your fundraiser is finished you need to take inventory.  Make a list of all the phones that you have received (if you can or want to).  

Fill out the information sheet by clicking here.


4.     After you have filled out the information sheet, placed it into the box, or boxes, then you need to ship it.

Phones4Funds can send you pre-paid shipping labels, if necessary.  To get the shipping labels click here.




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