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Used cell phones as a fundraiser!

If you have a used cell phone lying around you can turn it into instant cash for your organization.




Using Phones4Funds.org is easy.  By following the five easy steps below you can have a quick and profitable fundraiser.  

Steps 1-5:

  1. Click here to order as many of the collection boxes as you need.

    If you have your own collection boxes, go on to step two. -- Be sure and read the Terms & Conditions.

  2. Click here to customize your flier!
    (print as many fliers as you need.)

    Use Steps 3-4 after you have collected your phones for the fundraiser.

  3. Click here to fill out the Information Page

    Print the information page, to be sealed in the box, so we will know what organization and/or who to make the check out to.

  4. Click here for the Cell Phone Purchase List.  

    This is a list of phones and their price.  You can print this sheet off if you would like to have it for your records.

  5. Click here to get a pre-paid shipping label, if necessary.






Please ask your representative about information on out of warranty cellular and pager repair.
If you have any questions please look at our help file.


 News and Updates

Jan, 2005 - USAToday
“There is a growing awareness of the magnitude of the problem, and we’d rather have an industry-driven solution than a government one,” Intel CEO Craig Barrett says.  The No.1 chipmaker will help create advertising campaigns promoting reuse and recycling…. – USA Today January 7, 2005

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